How to register an account?

How to login into an account?

What payment options are available?

There is various payment options available as follows:

Bank Transfer

  1. BIBD
  2. Baiduri
  3. TAIB
  4. Standard Chartered

Credit/Debit Cards

  1. Credit Card (Visa, Master and AMEX) – Instant code delivery (2.5% fees applied, min. B$0.40 fees)
  2. Paypal – Instant code delivery (on hold)

Mobile payment

  1. BIBD Vcard
  2. Progresif Pay
  3. BruPay


E-wallet works similar to giftcard. Topup your mydigitalbn E-Wallet using bank payment and you may use the wallet to make payment for your purchase at mydigitalbn 24/7 with instant code delivery.

How to make my first order?

How to view my serial number?

Step 1: Please visit My Code Page at https://www.mydigitalbn.com/my-account/orders/

How fast can I receive my serial number?

A) Instantly (at speed of light)

If you choose to pay via Credit Card,  E-Wallet or Paypal.

B) Short delay

1-30mins delayed if you are using bank transfer/virtual payment. Basically we need to manually verify your transaction first.

Please take note bank transfer will only be processed between 8.00am until 11.59pm 7days a week. (We closed between 12:00pm – 02:00pm on Friday)

I cannot redeem Spotifty premium code

Information for New Spotify Customers!

Please confirm that you can download spotify apps to your phone. If so then please choose the following options;

Option A:
For those who have spotify account but never get Spotify premium subscription before

Information required
1) Your Spotify email address
2) your password
These are needed in order to change your spotify region

Option B:
For those who doesn’t have spotify account. We will create free account for you.

Information required
1) preferred Name
2) Email address (never been registered to spotify)
3) DOB

Option C
You just want the Spotify Premium giftcode (Malaysia Region). You may proceed with the purchase.


For customer with  Option A and Option B, After purchasing your Spotify code please contact us at 8350086


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