Maker UNO – A better version of Arduino

Maker UNO – A better version of Arduino


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Maker UNO is fully compatible with Arduino. You can share the same library and code. We put in 12x LEDs, 1x piezo buzzer and 1x programmable button on the Maker UNO. We have removed the DC jack power input socket as most of the boards used in classes are powered using USB.

It is particularly suitable for makers, students and hobbyists that have little knowledge of basic electronics or that want to program immediately, avoiding wasting time connecting LEDs, buttons and buzzers.



One of the brilliant features of the official Arduino Uno is the label printed on its pin headers. It saves us a lot of time when we want to connect the I/O pins to the external circuit. So, we include a set of these label stickers for pin headers in each of the Maker UNO!



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